Success Stories

We help new businesses get on their feet and maximize their bottom line right from the start.
At Baker’s Fiesta, there’s nothing we love more than supporting our kitchen tenants during the exact business phases when they need the most help. Through us, passionate cooks and bakers can avoid large capital investments, unnecessary risk and high monthly expenses.
Here are just a few of our success story highlights.

Situ’s Kitchen

Founded in 2019 by a mother and her two daughters, Situ’s Kitchen makes frozen plant-based foods with quality ingredients. From calzones, fatyres and pot pies, to sweet treats including cakes and cinnamon buns, these ladies offer a variety of products. Today, you can find them in numerous stores including Whole Foods, Ambrosia, Coppa’s, Bruno’s Fine Foods, Aisle 24 and Foodland.

Since the moment they opened their doors, Situ’s Kitchen has been renting from Baker’s Fiesta. Now, they are slowly outgrowing the space and looking for a kitchen of their own. This defines the purpose behind Baker’s Fiesta – to give our tenants a great start!

Água Na Boca

Água Na Boca is a family-based business that specializes in sweet and savoury Brazilian appetizers for events of all types and sizes. They sell wholesale to stores and fulfill retail sales online.

From 2018 to 2022, Água Na Boca rented kitchen space from Baker’s Fiesta, before opening their own kitchen in the building right beside us! Now, not only are we neighbours, but also great friends.

Stush Patties

In 2019, Stush Patties started baking authentic Jamaican patties in a Baker’s Fiesta kitchen. Founded by one woman with a desire for simple, quick and delicious patties made with wholesome ingredients, Stush Patties prepares beef, jerk chicken, vegetable and vegan patties.

Within just two years, the business grew to the point where it needed its very own space 24/7. Today, you can find Stush Patties in over 50 stores, restaurants, coffee shops and markets, as well as for sale online and available for catering events.

″ When I decided that I wanted to make gourmet Jamaican patties commercially, I knew I had to use a proper, inspected facility. I searched around for a few shared spaces, but the ones I came across were mainly for cooking and not for baking. I then stumbled across Baker’s Fiesta. I recall my first visit when I was showed around by Natasa. I’m not a baker, still am not 🙂 and the large mixers and equipment looked so intimidating. Natasa smiled encouragingly and said the mixer was just like the one I had at home, except bigger. I cringed – I didn’t have a mixer at home and had never used one in my life!

Less than one year later we were using the largest of the 3 mixers, had taken over her freezer and hogged a lot of dry storage space. We started by making patties and delivering to people's homes, and today Stush Patties can be found across Ontario and in stores like Whole Foods, with plans to be across Canada next year.

It all started at Baker's Fiesta with a very supportive and encouraging Natasa who taught me so much about commercial baking. ″

- - Opal Rowe, Founder, Stush Patties

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Baker’s Fiesta is run by a passionate baker who’s now passionate about helping others grow their own bakery and restaurant businesses. Combine her industry experience with the operational expertise of her two sons, and the end result is a family team that truly cares for you, your operation and your success.

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