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Cook and bake in a beautiful space with competitive rates and peace of mind.
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Rent a Toronto kitchen for your bakery, restaurant, popup shop or online food delivery company. Use our clean, beautiful and well-equipped spaces to cook and bake to your heart’s delight, with the flexibility you want and the prices you need.
At Baker’s Fiesta, we offer three different kitchens to meet your needs.

Scheduling a time to bake or cook in one of our kitchens is quick and seamless.

Safe, certified and inspected

All our commercial kitchens have undergone rigorous registration, testing and certification processes. Each piece of equipment has been thoroughly inspected for proper and safe functionality. Every Baker’s Fiesta kitchen in Toronto is registered with the Province of Ontario and has DineSafe certificate.

No upfront costs, no risks

Starting a food business is anything but easy. A big part of what makes it so stressful, and even unattainable for many, is the upfront cost of outfitting a commercial kitchen. Not to mention there are numerous registrations, certifications and licenses you need just to be able to open your doors.

Baker’s Fiesta takes all of this off your shoulders. Rent one of our Toronto kitchens so you can test the market, ramp up your business, and increase your profit margins by keeping costs and expenses low.

A space where you can grow

Work on your time. Rent according to your schedule. Seamlessly scale up or down according to business performance. Move from basic, to enhanced, to professional kitchen spaces as your business needs change and evolve. Lean on us for guidance and support – we’re here to help you get to exactly where you want to go with the kitchens and equipment that make it all possible.

Hear from our clients

We love giving people access to the kitchens they need so they can grow their businesses the way they want. Read a few of our biggest success stories and hear what our valued clients have to say about Baker’s Fiesta.

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Baker’s Fiesta is run by a passionate baker who’s now passionate about helping others grow their own bakery and restaurant businesses. Combine her industry experience with the operational expertise of her two sons, and the end result is a family team that truly cares for you, your operation and your success.

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